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>> terry: in the news about a million people are expected to crowd into san francisco today. a live report on what to expect including some pretty pricy parking and seven cellphone problems. they are calling it an epidemic. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's begin with a look at the forecast on extremely busy day. >> lisa: good morning. isn't this a gorgeous shot from vollmer peak. very shallow marine layer. most of you enjoying a sunny start to your weekend but there is fog at the golden gate bridge. numbers are still in the 40s. 50s elsewhere. few clouds around today. we'll call it partly cloudy.
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mid 60s at our coast. as you head inland, mid-70s from the east bay. evening hours, numbers will quickly cool off into the 60s into the upper 50s. very little change tomorrow, but we are looking at some raindrops in our on 77 day forecast. >> terry: thanks very much. >> the arson squad is investigating reports of a car explosion. take a look at pictures a jeep on fire in front of a house. she said a loud boom. woke up about 4:00 this morning and this is what she you what sas. it was on lombard street between van ness and polk. nobody was injured in that explosion, arson investigators are taking a look. speaking of the blue angels you may have heard their roar as they tuned up for the fleet week
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air show. they showed off outmaneuvered practice and zoomed by in their signature diamond formation. it goes from noon to 4:00 today and tomorrow. the advice is get your viewing location early because this is one of many events that is expected to draw huge crowds. million people are expected to come to the city to take part in an unprecedented of high profile events. blue jells. we have the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. giants have the playoff game against the reds. that is both tonight and tomorrow. castro street fair, italian heritage parade tomorrow. abc news reporter live with what is going on and, you are aware a lot of people want to be at the marina green.
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>> absolutely. who says there is not enough going on in san francisco. most of it is taking place at the marina green. check out that gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. from a few short hours, america's cup race hits the bay and blue angels. air show is expected to thrill. but the sheer amount of people could stun some fans that choose to drive. take public transportation to avoid a gridlock nightmare. are a for the blue angels they fly over the traffic and they hope everyone enjoys the show today. >> what you are going to see, they will come in and alternate. diamond will be precision formation flying. so what the solo pilots do is demonstrate the maximum
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performance of the fa-18. >> there will be lane closures on the embarcadero for bicycles but the bottom line here is it's going to be a beautiful day. take a look the fog is lifting out here. it will be a beautiful day for anything you want to do in san francisco. live in the marina green, cornell, bernard. >>. >> terry: how about a few more things to do this weekend. how about justin beiber performing at oracle arena. madonna playing hp pavilion in san jose for two nights. cal and stanford have homecoming games and mill valley film festival, as well. tv. "abc 7 news" we have an interactive map at and we'll show you how to get there by using public
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transportation, waze app can be downloaded for free. new this morning in san francisco today, an anti-war protest in just about an hour from right now. a march and rally marking the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. that starts at noon. from there demonstrators will march to hyatt on stockton and subtler streets. >> police in palo alto are encouraging witnesses to come forward of a deadly shooting. it happened late last night. police say 21-year-old christopher baker was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. one person is dead and another recovering after a shooting in east oakland. police placed two dozen evidence markers to mark the shell casings found there. the shooting happened shortly after 9:00 last night. a neighbor shows where bullets shot through a chair barely missing his two-year-old son.
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>> my kid was assaulting right here. she was sitting right here. everyone went to the floor. after the shooting, we saw these bullets here. >> terry: he says it was his wife that first heard the gunshots and told everybody to get down. a sped dead after being hit by a car on highway 87 in san jose. the accident happened about 8:00 last night near san carlos street. three lanes of traffic were shut down. authorities don't know why the pedestrian was walking on that stretch of roadway. >> residents of a south hayward neighborhood are shaken after a man was left dead. it happened at a intersection near tree view elementary school. sky7hd as investigators gathered evidence in and around a
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dark-colored sedan. police say the car was stolen. officers told the occupants to show his hands, he reached for a weapon. they opened fire. the unidentified victim died later at the hospital. cellphone robberies are becoming an epidemic. police will tell you it is happening everywhere and even on muni buses, too. we have exclusive video how easy it is for the thieves. here is vic lee with a story you'll only see here. >> there were more than 4,000 robberies between january and august in san francisco. half of them targeted cellphones. many of the thefts were on muni. >> the palms are sweaty. >> he has seen a lot of these muni security videos. he showed several of them exclusively to abc7 news. >> he is checking in, it's got to be clear. he doesn't want her or anybody to stop them.
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>> woman in the bottom has been plea occupied with her smart phone the entire trip. the thief will steal it that is sitting right behind her keeping a close eye on the prize. >> he is making sure nothing will get in his way. >> robber is getting ready. watch carefully, it happens quickly. he snatched the phone from her hand and runs off. the whole thing happens in a split second. >> you should be looking up every single single time. >> some robbers are more brazen heesmt is in a black hoodie. the woman is wearing a white knit cap. she is talking on her cellphone. the m.o., is almost always the same. the officer says it is easy to
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prevent being a victim. >> take a moment, stop for a second and look around. see who is around you. >> muni rider crystal walked by our van as we were editing the story. her reaction. >> what do you think of the video? >> that is shocking. i can't believe it's so fast. i do that all the time sitting on the muni. >> terry: so do a lot of other people. they were one man jobs but police say they are noticing an new m.o. where the robbers are assisted by one or two others. his friends that are posing as passengers block the victim from anybody getting to him. bottom line, be aware of your surroundings. >> terry: salinas police are not going to charge a man that used
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his own gun to stop a robbery killing a teenager. he saw this restaurant being robbed. he watched a young man demand money from customers and begin shooting when he saw his friend threatened. someone drove the 2 people to the officer. one teenager died. he used a legal weapon in a legal manner. we'll take a break
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so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. >> terry: if you haven't filled up in the past couple of days, better brace yourself. the price has jumped more than 40 cents, reaching $5 a gallon at some places. tomas ramon shows us how drivers are coping. >> i wouldn't say i have made ends meet. >> he drives a taxi. the recent spike in gas prices is cutting into his pay. >> it is hurting. i'm going sfeest owner of the company, cab company next week and see if we can do something like a surcharge or get it back somehow. >> reporter: that means passing it on to customers.
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he pace $100 a day to lease his cab. he pays for gas. >> so even if you make $300 a night. $60 is going to go to gas. >> the price for regular on byrd avenue was 4.33 tuesday night by friday night it hit 4.69, a difference of 36 cents in four days. >> i can't believe it. >> he filled up his tank two days ago. since then it gone up 26 cents a gallon. >> you have to cut back on little luxuries, whether it be buying something online or little extras they groceries restore. >> it's enough for me to pay the bills. >> he a student that delivers pizza for pizza my heart in san jose. he gets $1.50 for each one use can his own car and gas. he is wondering how it affects
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him. >> i'm not sure how much. i have to find out because i have to fill up my tank. >> terry: american airlines will be back in the air with all planes today. the airline cancelled 44 flights one from san francisco to miami. that was on top of 50 scrapped on thursday all because of seat problems. they are coming loose from the floor. maintenance crews are installing a locking mechanism. lisa argen is here with the big story affecting at least a million people in san francisco. how good is viewing going to be for the blue angels? >> it should be pretty good out there. as good as yesterday. we will see clouds and call it partly cloudy. mostly sunny. high definition emeryville camera, pretty shot. upper 50s and upper 40s and fog in the north bay. i'll have a look at the seven-day outlook. >> larry beil has a
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controversial call
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welcome back. 18 minutes after 8:00 on one of
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busiest days san francisco may have ever had. look at san jose. if you want to get away from the crowds. it will be nice day in san jose. low 70s. it should be beautiful there and you see all the sunshine. there has been fog on the golden gate bridge. vollmer peak shows a nice view out there. you see how shallow that marine layer is. do be careful out there. it's going to burn away and mix on out. sun started at 6:44. marine layer is being mixed out from the weather system offshore that have been sending up high and mid-level clouds. live sweep on top of mount st. helena picking up cloud cover. we'll see more mid and high level clouds from napa to sonoma
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to marin while much of the south bay and contra costa county featuring more sunshine. we'll call it mostly sunny there. we are looking at chilly start on sunday morning. 57 in oakland. milder numbers as you head down the peninsula. 50 in half moon bay. sunshine at san jose at 53. everywhere, practically everywhere it's a cooler start. anywhere from 2-7 degrees cooler than we were yesterday morning. we have the calm winds and clear sky. radiational cooling and longer nights. more high clouds from time to time bringing us a partly cloudy afternoon with a sun cloud mix through the latter half of the weekend. the system i talked about offshore will head to the south and east and allow for sprinkles. higher elevations in the north bay. it's this upper-level low,
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several hundred miles to the west of us. the counterclockwise flow is spinning off high to mid-level clouds. with that we are looking at temperatures pretty seasonal. 77 sacramento. a nice afternoon toward the valley. sierra, nevada 65. southern sierra 79 so nice day from north to south. with some of that sunshine around the bay today and the clouds, temperatures running couple degrees below average. weekend should be nice staying off the shore. isolated showers, higher el validated of sierra nevada and then for golden gate park, hardly strictly bluegrass festival with clouds around. low 60s for the afternoon hours. it will get quite cool dropping into the upper 50s. back home, look at the low 70s from santa clara to los gatos.
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a nice afternoon there. 68 in san mateo and 64 in pacifica. 65 in the city and in the north bay, pretty far north, 70s to around clearlake. 70 in san leandro. out over the hills looking 75 in pleasanton. monterey is clear and nice afternoon. very little change tomorrow. few sprinkles monday and looking good the rest of the workweek. 49,000 viewers have now liked us on facebook. all of them are eligible to enter a sweepstakes to win 49,000. go to th, and click the win 49,000 button and we will announce the winner pretty soon right after the 49ers game here on abc7. >> terry: and how much can they win? >> $49,000. >> terry: all right.
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thousands of fans petitioning the a's fans. they have a petition drive. organizers hope to get 20,000 signatures by tomorrow. most of upper deck of the coliseum has been covered for a's games. it leaves capacity to 35,000 in a stadium that could seat up to 55,000 fans. >> it's an economic issue quite frankly. the other issue if we get 20,000 additional people to go to the game, they will buy a lot of food and beverage which sales tax will come to the city of oakland. let's go oakland has 52,000 followers on its facebook page. they say they have no plans to remove the tarps for the division playoffs. >> cincinnati and san francisco has placed a wager on the games
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at at&t park. san francisco mayor and cincinnati mayor have agreed the losing city will host a cook off fund-raiser to benefit the winning seasons sports program. as for yesterday's wildcard games, larry beil has the story in this morning's sports. >> good morning, here is the problem with the one-game playoff. you play 162 games, you get one chance and an umpire blows a call that kills you, it happened in the braves game last night. you like this. molina with a drive to right. jason hayward fighting the sun back to the wall and makes the catch. spectacular concentration. down to the sixth, former a matt halliday, 4-2 cardinals. meltdown in the 8th. short stop going out on this pop-up. halliday comes in and ball drops
8:25 am
and infield fly and the batter is automatically out. two men out and two outs. as for trash on the field. braves protested the game which was immediately denied. it was the wrong call. after a 19-minute delay, he strikes out to end the inning. card unless win and face the nationals in the series. they enjoy champagne and final game of chipper jones career. >> that call, it's a gray area. i don't know. i'm not willing to say that particular call cost us the ballgame. three errors cost us the ballgame. >> and the orioles, advance can in front of the rangers. nate, two rbis in the ninth. they had a chance to tie it in the ninth, orioles win 5-1 and
8:26 am
will face the yankees in the american division series. >> matt cain in the giants division opener. he had the highlight of the year. a perfect game back in june. won 16 games this season. lincecum used to be the number one starter but cain has been the start best starting pitcher this year. >> something that i am excited about. it's game one and tried to stay even keel with. a's will send rookie jared parker to start against the tigers at 3:00 p.m. pacific started. the task for parker is out duel the reigning mvp justin verlander. >> they are dangerous line-up. they have a guy that won the triple crown and they have
8:27 am
austin jackson and got a lot of weapons and great hit ears and great players. we have to stay within ourselves and do the same thing. >> we have college football this afternoon this afternoon. nebraska versus ohio state at 5:00 p.m. kickoff followed by baseball and football highlights on "lexus after the game." i'm larry beil. >> this afternoon the blue angels pilots will be wowing about a million people. where a lucky fan got with the navy's best. maybe it's the bluegrass festival that dr
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>> terry: the blue angels signing autographs last night. okay, now we recognize them. they will take to the skies performing for hundreds of thousands of people along the san francisco waterfront, over in marin county, everywhere, part of fleet week. blue angels will be the biggest draw but a number of other major events around the bay area. cornell bernard is live at marina green. this could be gridlock.
8:31 am
>> reporter: yeah, definitely. good morning. so many events, so many people. most of them headed right here to the marina green where it could be a gorgeous day. check out the fog slowly lifting over the golden gate bridge. america's cup yacht racing later today and the blue angels set to perform this afternoon. the air show will thrill the crowds but getting here could take a while if you are driving. like terry said, expect gridlock especially on the embarcadero where there will be lane closures. bill and fran are visiting and they had no idea what a big weekend it will be in san francisco. >> we came out for the weekend from new york. we thought it was going to to abnormal weekend. we booked it months ago and we showed up. this is the best weekend to be in san francisco. you got the blue angels --.
8:32 am
>> reporter: blue devils, blue angels. we know what he meant. they are set to perform about 3:00. beautiful day. i've got an amazing seat and i may stay here for the rest of the day. >> terry: and thanks a lot. thousands more are already in san francisco for a concert in golden gate park. ♪ >> 12th of the wirt william hellman's gift to san francisco. in the past this has been a very mellow, very well run seen. he was a investor appreciated that. we spoke with his daughter
8:33 am
backstage. >> he was always a very humble man. >> here we are. how many people are coming this weekend? >> i would say a few hundred thousand people will find their way here. that could be an under estimate. >> between the giants and fleet week and hardly strictly bluegrass, you might call it a perfect storm for pleasure. at we have an interactive map to the events in san francisco. click on the ones you are interested in. we'll show you how to get there by using public transportation. how you can save time, headache and gas. if you do have to drive, waze app can guide you through the traffic. new unemployment numbers are out and taking some of the wind out of sails of mitt romney's
8:34 am
campaign. businesses created 114,000 new jobs around the country last month. lower than previous months, but the unemployment rate still dropped to 7.89%. it's the best it's been in four years. it changes the political conversation from the presidential debate performance to the improving economy. more on that from mark matthews. >> good morning. >> in san francisco, one sign of an improving economy, shoppers lined up around the block for the opening of a clothing store. >> i feel we have picked up. i don't know. i don't know for the rest of the country. >> the statistics show the rest of the country is improving. 114,000 new jobs added in september. revised numbers for july and august, 86,000 more jobs than originally reported, taking away a favorite line of mitt romney's stump speech. rom supporters are questioning the new labor numbers.
8:35 am
>> i wouldn't put my mortgage numbers on these being correct. >> it's been climbing since the convention suggests that people feel more hopeful. >> it's a sign the economy is improving. >> it's stabilizing. >> reporter: he has been selling flowers on union square for 66 years. he is not a president obama but he does see what is happening on the street. >> the worst is over. >> for the president the new numbers shifted attention from the lackluster debate performance and on to a bit of positive news. >> more americans entered the work force. more people are getting jobs. >> reporter: outside dan, jobs may be low wage and part time, but at least they are there. >> it slowly is coming back. it will take a couple more years. >> in palo alto elections it's the direction of the economy that moves voters. there is one more reporting period before election day, the
8:36 am
october numbers will be out november 2nd, four days before the election. we're talking about jobs here. more than 500 jobs will be available at the next jobs hire event. at the hilton garden inn in emeryville noon on wednesday. for more information go to new this morning, president obama and the first lady are planning to spend today celebrating the 20th wedding anniversary. he put side he talked during the debate. he will be in san francisco on monday night for a fund-raising concert and rally. his weekly address this morning, the president calls on republicans in congress to work with democrats on plan to cut taxes for 98% of americans and bill to help families refinance homes. >> congress needs to step up and provide every responsible homeowner a chance to save about
8:37 am
$3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at lower rates. i gave them a plan to do that back in february. its plan that has the supports of independent, non-partisan economists. for the g.o.p., national committee chairman says obama's plan repeats the same, quo quoted, failed policies that have buried the middle-class the last four years. more on the skyrocketing gas prices. an organization representing independent gas stations made a move that could have brought prices down for everyone. nannette miranda is in sacramento with the story. to bring down high gasoline places, the california independent oil association which represented independent station ontoers, were asking they are able to sell winter blend fuel now. the annual switch from the more
8:38 am
complicated summer formula usually doesn't happen until october 30th. >> to be allow it to be used to sooner will provide an additional supply and that would help the prices. >> reporter: but the wheels of government run slowly. epa rarely grants state waivers. because california has special restrictions to ensure we have the cleanest gasoline in the world the state must sign off first. >> you have another layer of government activity that has to take place legally. >> reporter: as painful the prices are, not everyone thinks that california should switch so-so soon. just this week. parts of the state suffered through a heat wave where summer fuels can help fight off pollution. cleaner burning gasoline is a key control measure. it cuts the emissions and causes smog. >> reporter: with the exxon
8:39 am
mobil refinery back on line, supply should increase. wholesale prices dropped 40-50 cents but it won't be reflected at the pump until next week. so expect prices to stay high for the next few days. oil industry says california needs to expand infrastructure, build more refineries and pipelines but that is not as easy as it seems. >> the difficulty that californians love their environment. they don't want to have facilities that they perceive to be degrading that environment. on the other hand, they want to have cheap gas. this is conflict. >> reporter: there is no time line to make a decision on that state waiver. state regulators have had the request now for three days. >> terry: we are following developing news out of new jersey right now. at least a dozen people are recovering after the bus they were riding overturned on an interstate. authorities say about 60 people including several children were
8:40 am
on board when the bus flipped over onto its side in wayne, new jersey. they have removed all the passengers. three people have been taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. it's not clear what caused the fwougs overturn. >> troubles in china for apple's new iphone 5. thousands are on strike over strict working conditions. we wanted to take a live look outside -- another great picture. we can't find a bad picture. they are all gorgeous this morning and what a day for san francisco. we got the partly cloudy but mostly clear skies. nice pleasant temperatures. no rain today or tomorrow. we'll get more
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>> terry: right now an only man that was denied a transplant because of hits illegal immigration status is recovering from a kidney. he waited seven years to get a new kidney. post op care is expensive and necessary. the clinic agreed to pry him free after care that put him back on the recipient listed and he has himself a kidney. >> warning from health officials where a 34-year-old man has died from rabies. he was bitten by a bat. he died the next month in a
8:44 am
hospital. health officials he was bitten in the part of southern contra costa. >> a batted was flopping on the ground. another individual picked up the bat with a plastic bag. the gentleman that died of rabies stuck his hand in the bag and looks like he was bit again. >> whether symptoms begin, rabies is almost always fatal among humans. >> thousands of workers at a factory in china that makes the apple iphone 5 went on strike. workers at a fact factory were given impossible specifications to meet. and closure of another planted and company contracts with apple to produce the iphone 5.
8:45 am
one of the most exciting weekends you can think of. the giants and a's are back east and niners are in town and blue angels and it goes on and on. >> lisa: we have a beautiful start to the day. a little cool in the north bay. it shows we have a little bit of fog, a shallow marine layer but fog on the bridge. it has allowed for poor visibility north of golden gate. 40s and 50s to start out. we'll talk about the extended outlook straight ahead. >> we heard about the apple iphone 5 and michael good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats
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>> terry: lisa argen is here. did i ever tell you i flew with the blue angels. i flew with them. a mock 5. >> lisa: heard them over the bay yesterday. it was pretty day. >> terry: the sound of freedom i might add. >> lisa: few more clouds in the north bay but a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures in the city. here is view from vollmer peak, you can see a little bit of cloud cover but it's a nice start for the morning. we have had fog on the bridge. are you ready for a dusting of
8:49 am
snow in the sierra nevada? ready or not it's going to come early in the work week. that will affect our weather. back home, live doppler 7 hd. you will see the cloud cover in parts of sonoma, nrn and down the san mateo coast. these will be filtered and we will see sunshine and a nice afternoon with temperatures running a little cool for this time of the year. speaking of cool. we got raid yalgs cool with numbers from 40s to 50s from napa to santa rosa. san jose, 53. our coast is cool at 50 degrees. a couple of things going on. this morning we are starting out cooler but by the time we hit or afternoon highs, 3:00, 4:00, we will be the same as we were yesterday. very little change over the next couple of days. there is a good reason for that. there is a system offshore that is diffuse that go marine layer, allowing for a sun cloud mix throughout the rest of the
8:50 am
weekend. it will head our way bringing a slight chance of showers. an upper-level low, it remains blocked, it can't move close to the coast but it will continue total flow total south and west of us to bring us high and mid-level clouds. here is track of it throughout the rest of the weekend. staying offshore. that is provides a partly cloudy sky. then as we head towards the beginning of the workweek, monday and tuesday it sinks south. higher elt vacation sprinkles perhaps. east bay hills, santa cruz mountains and dusting of snow in the sierra nevada. cold enough and been in the lower 30s this morning. mid 60s in the northern sierra. 79 in yosemite with low 80s in fresno. we are looking at once again that spread from the mid 60s coastside, mid 70s inland. usually you see about 70 in san francisco for this time of the year. nice afternoon. upper 70s should be the rule in santa rosa but just a cool 71 degrees.
8:51 am
that is watches with the southwesterly wind and marine layer has been washed out. a cooler afternoon in san jose with 73 there. 71 in salinas. you heard all the events going on. if you are planning coming into the city, waterfront for the blue angels and temperatures in the mid 60s with a good deal of sunshine, few high mid-level clouds. nice looking afternoon. tomorrow planning on on 49ers at candlestick park taking on the bills, low to mid 60s. a little cool, but nice looking forecast. kind of easy to take with the sun, few clouds. a little jacket you'll need and more clouds monday and tuesday. we'll get back into our usual pattern by the end of the workweek. >> terry: thanks very much. the new iphone has sold millions but is it worth the money?
8:52 am
michael finney has new results. as fast as the fastest android phones but plenty of differences. >> headphone jack is going to be on the bottom. >> reporter: in this tv commercial, samsung makes fun of apple fans that android has better capabilities for ages. back in the lab, consumer reports put the phones through their paces assessing features and options. first, display everyone wants big screen. iphone 5 screen is apple's biggest yet, it can't compare with the screens on many android phones. >> voice control is another area of competition. here android capabilities are quite good but no much for serie who can execute more complex commands. >> find me a theater that is
8:53 am
playing a bruce willis movie. >> i found some theaters not far >> more detailed maps, better traffic info and more customization. apple has few glitches and android carries it. >> with everybody using phones to take pictures how does it affect your choice. some android phones have the ability to take panoramic stills consumer reports finds when it comes to video quality the iphone 5 out performs their competition. what if you want to talk on the phone and connect to the internet over the cellular network at the same time. all 4-g phones can do it but not the iphone 5. so androids are worth
8:54 am
consideration. >> terry: still to come a hit song and dances gets even bigger. a flash mob does it. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one
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>> terry: international street dance festival is under way in seoul this morning, check it out. getting a look at newest graze, it's called gadgetnam style. more than 15,000 perform formed the reason. flash mob lasted about 30
8:57 am
minutes and dancers gathered and showed off their moves. lisa argen, you just stopped. you were doing perfectly as she always does her forecast as well. >> lisa: you got to get it right this weekend. the dance? >> lisa: we are looking partly cloudy today and 60s at our coast but 70 around the bay. mid-70s inland and cooler with more cloud cover monday and tuesday. raindrops higher elevations and by wednesday and thursday, going back to fair and mild conditions right on through friday. how is that. >> terry: and weekend is dry. thanks for joining us on the saturday morning news. abc7 news continued at 4:00 before college football. i wanted to remind you about exclusive alarm clock app for the iphone. download it for free. wake up to the latest headlines and traffic. no matter what you are doing in san francisco, it will be beautiful. there is
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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 20, Us 9, Lisa 6, San Jose 6, Oakland 3, On Facebook 3, Apple 3, Vollmer 3, California 3, Sierra Nevada 3, China 2, Salinas 2, Cincinnati 2, Mcgregor 2, Abc 2, Braves 2, Angels 2, Lisa Argen 2, Heaven 2, Obama 2
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